• "My divorce left me with a house full of Restoration Hardware. I decided t return home to Chicago. My realtor said she knew a client that had used Classic Estates and she was very happy. I called, contracted and left. These guys were exactly what I wanted and needed. Dru is very professional and pragmatic.. I loved her!!"
    – Mellisa Waguespac
  • "Oh my! I don’t know what would have happened if I had not accidentally found Dru and Louis. I was confused, distraught and nervous. They are so kind and professional. The lord sent them to me"
    – Janice Kay
  • "My dad had the worlds hairiest dog and my mom had a extensive collection of antiques. Their presentation and pricing were perfect. They handled the challenges very well"
    – Becky from Waco
  • "I love these guys! They are knowledgeable and always very communicative. I can’t believe the mess they had to deal with. The best part was the check!! Recommend highly"
    – Sam Whitt
  • "Joseph and I decided after all these years to return home to the Philippines. Well left everything with Classic Estates. Incredible amount of work and excellent results. I will always be so thankful a friend referred them"
    – Lelani Wuthrich
  • "Losing my mother was emotionally traumatic. I was so blessed to find Dru. She is very caring, respectful and professional. She knew the correct things to do and how to make the sale work well. This is Class A, top notch!!"
    – Becky M.